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Re: [linrad] RE: Silly question or is it?

Let's start now!
Can't you write a small script (cgi?) to collect data in your website?
Maybe click-on method plus other free writable option included.

I'm too busy with a 300W+ 10GHz TWTA video editting
for my own website construction :-)

Kohjin - JR1EDE

At 05:44 03/01/13 -0800, you wrote:
>    Hi Roger,
>    Tnx for book link. Always amazes me how efficient that operation is at 
>Amazon is!
>    I got the 4.95 version. Hard to beat.
>    When are we going to work on the data base?
>    73 Rein PA0ZN
>w3sz wrote:
>> If you are interested in the SVGALIB book you can get it for 29.95 at
>> B&N, or new from discount/surplus bookdealers for as little as 4.49.
>> If you go to the following amazon.com link it will give you a list of
>> vendors
>> The above link works here when I cut and paste it to the browser.  If it
>> doesn't work for you, just go to Amazon and search under books for
>> Linux Graphics Programming with SVGAlib
>> and click on 'Used and New' and a list of vendors (not including B&N :)
>>  ) will pop up.
>> --
>> Roger Rehr
>> W3SZ
>> 2 Merrymount Road
>> Reading, PA 19609
>> http://www.qsl.net/w3sz