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[linrad] Radeon Video Card / svgalib information

I am doing some housekeeping and came across my information on the ATI Radeon 32 MB DDR 4X AGP video card that I use here. Conrad had trouble getting his Radeon card to work with svgalib-1.4.3 and subsequently went to the newer version of svgalib, I believe 1.9.17. I have a minor glitch with the Radeon here, and so decided I'd upgrade to the newer version of svgalib. However, I couldn't get any of the newer versions of svgalib to compile here, and ultimately went back to 1.4.3. In the process of reinstalling svgalib 1.4.3 from scratch I of course rediscovered what I had to do to get the video card working here with svgalib.
Here it is:

To get the Radeon video card to work with svgalib 1.4.3 you need to go to:


and under '1.4.3' near the bottom of the page go to the link where is says "Please use this driver, r128.c, instead of the one in the distribution". The link goes to:

http://www.arava.co.il/matan/svgalib/r128.c which is the file that you need to download.

but you don't need to know that if you go to the page above and use the link on that page..

Once you have downloaded the file r128.c, you must go to the directory where you have the source code for svgalib (here it is /usr/local/src/svgalib-1.4.3/src) and replace the r.128 file already there with the r.128 you got from the above site. Then you must compile it. When I do this the Radeon works. When I don't use the new r.128, it does not.

Hope that helps, and


Roger Rehr
2 Merrymount Road
Reading, PA 19609