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RE: [linrad] Re: Svga 143 library linkage

> Leif, The only think I don't know is does linrad only compile in support
> for your CPU or does it make a binary that will detect your CPU and run
> the best code for your machine.

It is even simpler. Linrad compiles several different routines that
require different CPU's.

At run time Linrad will detect what CPU you actually have and if you have
a CPU allowing MMX or SIMD the user is permitted to select such routines.
The default routines just use standard instructions and they will execute 
on any CPU. I do not know how to select the best routine for a particular 
hardware. The user can try them all and find out what is fastest.
It is not only the CPU, memory access times are also important.

Linrad has to be run from a directory where it can write its parameter
files. If everything is on a CD and the hard disk should be untouched 
it should be possible to make the floppy the default directory.

It would certainly be cool to have a bootable Linrad CD that has a 
single floppy for parameters and configuration. Would fit in any PC 
with no interaction at all with Windows:)


Leif / SM5BSZ