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[linrad] CD, Self Contained.

For those of us, and I am in this class, who want to use LINRAD to support experiments in radio propagation this would be a wonderful resource. I have no interest in Linux, but some of the tools I want to use, LINRAD for instance, is only on Linux. My goal of finding weak signals that occur only infrequently depends on me focusing on the propagation experiment - I need to avoid where possible becoming involved in developing the tools for this type of experiment, I need to focus on the experiment itself.

Your proposal would enhance the value of LINRAD exponentially for me here, it would be wonderful to pop in a CD and reboot in LINRAD to study sample data files that might have weak signals on them.

Wonderful! What can I do to help you achieve this goal? If you want to Beta test things let me know, I also have a way to make generally available a download site for such an effort.