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RE:Linrad and the microwaves

Hi Roger and all,

> Why the last statement?  Well the great noise reduction capabilities of 
> Linrad are less important for this purpose because in my experience 
> noise isn't a problem as it is on the lower bands, and I am more 'used 
> to'  the sound of the signal in the 1000MP DSP window than in a narrow 
> Linrad filter window, and find copying it 'easier'  on the 1000MP as a 
> result.  Would this be the case if I had grown up with Linrad?  Probably 
> not, but that's a difficult psychoacoustic question ;)
Perhaps you should set up Linrad for "normal CW" if you use it on 
microwave bands. You may set the bandwidth to 60 or 120Hz and you
should definitely make the second fft bin width compatible to the
bandwidth of the signals to get optimum AFC operation. What you
should get from the loudspeaker should then be identical to what
you get from the FT1000, just a bit more convenient because you will
not have to tune now and then to follow the frequency drift.

I guess there is no need for a blanker on microwaves so you might 
save some processing delay by disabling the second fft.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ