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Re: [linrad] NASM

If you are new to Linux and using Red Hat the easiest way to get a
working gcc is to go back and do a re-install and this time pick
"software development" or "everything".  This is a "big hammer"
fix but if you have not used the system much and don't have much
of your own data on it then this is a quick and easy fix.

The other option which you seem to be doig is do track down
the dependencies one at a time.  Yes gcc requires the kernel headers
so get them.  you will need bin utils too and so on....

If attempting to install a package and waiting to see what error
messages come out of it seems to crude look at "man rpm" under
the section called "querry options".  Yu will see there is a
way to list out a packages dependencies.

Also if you say "rpm -i aaa.rpm bbb.rpm ccc.rpm
The rpm program will install aaa, bbb and ccc in the correct order
You can save much time be putting everything you need in one
directory and then just doing "rpm -i *.rpm" and let rpm sort the
mess out for you

You might also want go with Red Hat 8.0  I really do thing it an
improvment.  If nothing else the configuration utilities are
much improved.  Easier for a novice to use

Otherwise you can use RPM like you are doing.  You need to
--- "Heinz Bordi" <Heinz.Borde@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Rudi
> That's it. I surged for GCC and got the message: not installed. Now I
> located it on my Redhat 7.1 disc no.2 . Trying to install gcc I was
> told: needs glibc-devel. Trying to install glibc I got the message:
> nees kernel-headers>=2.2.1
> I could not find anything about how to adjust kernel-headers.
> Any idea?
> Would me help very much
>     73 Heinz, DM2BHG
> "zs6dx" <zs6dx@xxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb:
> > Hello Heinz,
> > 
> > It looks like your C compiler (GCC) is not working, did you install
> it from the distribution ?. Without the C compiler you cannot compile
> Linrad but you might be able to load and run the pre-compiled
> version.
> > 
> >

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