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Re: [linrad] Great Book

on 8/2/03 1:29 pm, Conrad G0RUZ at conrad@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Roger sounds so good that I ordered it! Not too keen on the ARRL postage
> methods for overseas. You get a choice of Standard 30-90 days, DHL 3-5 weeks
> and FedEx 3-5 days, the problem is they won't tell you the price of the
> latter 2 options. They say it often costs more than the book! So I should
> get it in time for Xmas!
> Regards
> Conrad G0RUZ

Hi Conrad, It does sound excellent, perhaps I will wait till the RSGB stock
it and save the postage.

David Anderson GM4JJJ     gm4jjj@xxxxxxxxx          http://www.gm4jjj.co.uk