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Just got linrad running on the Fujitsu laptop.
redhat 8.0 with 2.4.21-pre4 kernel
Went smoothly. I read the instructions!

1)copy the three zip files, vgalib, nasm, linrad
2)unpack 'em all and compile 'em
3)link the libraries to their expected homes
4)init 3 (runlevel 3 to kill xdm as that's the default boot config here)
5)crank up linrad, whoops, wrong mouse type, edit the config file
yet to do
6)learn how to tune it up (calibration)
7)see if the internal sound is quiet enough to make it worth using
or if I need to hit ebay for a pcmcia card (anyone have suggestions
as to good quiet pcmcia card, just in case one appears at a hamfest)
8)plug in the radio
9)learn how to use the program
10)reroute the 12kHz signal from rx320 dsp to sound card
11)figure out how to control the radio from the laptop without
having to switch screens
12)construct an antenna, amp, mixer and see if I can see any of
you moon ticklers

Thanks for a really nifty program!