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Re: [linrad] Alsa drivers

Hello Dominic,

First of all, thank you very much for your input especially great job on
the web page.

However, your description are all well known (normal) procedure of ALSA 
In fact, I have done almost 100% (I would say) same procedure.

You didn't mention about how to set up sampling speed (96KHz) and how to set up
audio level by any kind of mixer program. Those ARE the problem.
Are you still using default 48KHz or 96KHz by somehow?

At 10:05 03/02/25 +0100, you wrote:

[snip snip snip]

>I am at this very moment ripping the Delta 44 out of the
>compact PC and putting it back in my P4 2Ghz (AOPEN motherboard with intel
>i845G chipset)

Ripping at what sampling (clock) speed?
How do you control input/output audio level of Delta 44?
What is the Linrad report of your devices speed?

>I am att the moment looking closely at the problems with the Delta 44
>sampleing frequency and its tedency to return to 48000 hz.

Eh! You look you have the same problem here too!

Well, during the system boot/reboot it is reset by these:
Apparently '/usr/bin/alsactl [store|restore]' in alsasound script does something.
Also, /usr/bin/aconnect as well.
It stores/restore current settings in /etc/asound.state.
I have replaced my Linux system from RHL 8.0 to Debian (sid) but I belive
there is no difference among the distribution.

Above are all acceptable or could be changed but what I don't know is
why Linrad reports 48KHz even if it's already changed to 96KHz by 'amixer'.

Have you ever tried below?
# amixer -c 1 cset numid=42 12
This is supposed to be change the 'Multi Track Internal Clock' value to 96KHz.
# amixer -c 1 cset numid=43 on
This is supposed to be change the 'Multi Track Rate Locking' value to ON.
# amixer -c 1 [contents|controls] --> will tell you more or use 'man amixer'

       amixer [-c card] [cmd]

Still hazy condition here.

Kohjin - JR1EDE