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Re: [linrad] Re: AC97 Sound card issues.

     Hi Kohjin

     I will try svga-1.9.17. I had 1.9.15 and it appeared parts were
     missing in the set-up dialogue ( answers from questions )
     But that also could have been due to the other newer alsa drivers
     I had installed
     Question: do you have in your alsamixer a slider marked "HEAD"
     and do you get any reaction from the jumpers at the bottom of
     the sliders. I do not! It does not make any difference whether
     they are open or closed.

     73 Rein

Kohjin Yamada wrote:
> Hello Arie and ALL,
> Been reviewing archived emails ever exchanged between Arie and Rein
> regarding via82xx sound card and ALSA I think I would input (again) for
> svgalib-1.9.17.
> Leif describes how to install version 1.4.3 in his webpage but doesn't write
> about this newer version of svgalib.
> We had ever discussed these in thread "Console Swicthing problem" or like
> around past January this year.
> (I have posted my solution with the same subject at 19 Jan 2003)
> Arie, your problem of console switching will easily be solved by svgalib-1.9.17.
> You can download it from:
> You can get the source from http://www.arava.co.il/matan/svgalib/ .
> Installation is not difficult.
> At 23:14 03/04/12 +0200, Arie PA0EZ wrote:
> [snip snip snip]
> >If I run linrad directly on the console ( not a terminal in X) than I can
> >switch between linrad and the mixer controls on X without "loosing"linrad.
> >Again pressing ctrlalt-f2 brings me back in the running linrad. Pity that
> >linrad stops working once you are in X. That makes setting up the mixer
> >controls rather messy.
> [snip snip snip]
> >73
> >Arie
> Kohjin - JR1EDE