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Re: [linrad] linrad installation

    Hi Peter,

    Here is a link about different versions linux. 
    Then there is Knoppix,
     Kohjin, JR1EDE
     has experiences with this. I am not quite sure whether he has
     used it as a Linrad platform. I believe it is German and
     a saw it for sale last Saturday on a local fleamarket. It is
     most like easy to get in Holland. You can test it, just runnung
     from the CD and also you can install it as regular Linux in a 


> Peter van Daalen wrote:
> End of this week I will ( try to .. ) install Linux.
> I don't like this at all but I have to since I want to work with
> Linrad.
> Two questions :
> 1. Why is Linrad not Winrad ? ( Leif, what's your specific reason for
> Linux ? I'm just curious, that's all... ).
> 2. Is Redhat 9 the easiest one indeed for the Linux dummies ( as me..
> ) ?
>     If so, does it make any sense to buy the professional edition ( ?
> 199 ) instead of the regular one ( ? 45 ) ?
>     Why or why not ?
> Thanks for help ( I'm afraid this will not be my last quest for
> help.... :-) .
> Peter, PE1ECM