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Re: [linrad] Linrd installation...a few comments

    Hi John

    What is it, you mean by cheaper onboard sound cards?
    PCI stuff in particular. There have been issues with sound
    cards all the way back to FFTDSP by Af9Y and plenty of DSP
    programs being sensitive to the type of sound cards being
    Some of them wanted 8 bit cards. I type this on a WIN95 
    machine with a 8 bit card installed. FFTDSP, DSPBlaster
    run fine under DOS.
    I suppose you are talking about the price of the mother board
    to a certain extent.
    Though it would be hard to detect any correlation in the final
    price of the mother board and the sound section. 
    I have quite a few questions about this sound thing here. 
    Just for the fun, I will research the expensive boards and what they
    use for onboard audio systems. (  ASUS et al )
    I have questioned myself whether there is actually a problem with
    that sound section. However it does everything in WIN98SE and as
    a matter of fact in Linux as well . 
    It is also working with this krecord program using .wav files
    In that mode however the mic/line inputs are not being muted.
    it is not a matter of cross talk, the mic signal passes through
    un-attenuated  This krecord is neat, you can listen to signals
    record them in memory and play them back, in my case I have to 
    turn down the audio from the receiver.
    PA0SE has the same audio section running on a laptop and running 
    Linrad. The real strange point is that the alsamixer that he is 
    using from alsa_utils-0.9.3 has the ability to select channels and
    allows for path switching/selection and I have nothing of that
    in my installation, as if the mixer adjusts itself to who knows
    what! The usual volume controls, MIC,LINE, Capture, PCM and
    MASTER work OK. 
    I have been trying to find useful info and there are hundreds
    of messages of people asking/reporting about that section but
    it are always problems about no sound at all, distorted sound,
    low volume etc. I have nothing of that as long as I do not try 
    to get Linrads output. Also Linrad reports the card properly
    detected and working when I go to the set-up.
    Do you have Linrad running? If so perhaps you could run through

    Nothing BEATS information from users with a working setup.

    73 Rein, PA0ZN

"John Harrison, NI1B" wrote:
> Hi All,
>    A couple of comments about getting a useful Linrad setup.
>    MANY of the recent on-board and cheaper internal PCI cards have GROSS
> problems.
>    In two cases (one on board and one add on card) the card had NO
> anti-aliasing filter (at all). The card would pick up high frequency
> signals and noise and fold it over into the lower freqs with NO
> attenuation !!
>    In the other PCI case, the card was apparently very slow in taking
> samples so virtually NO TIME was left for Linrad :(
>    ALL of the ISA cards I have tried have had neither of these problems,
> but try to find a recent motherboard with an ISA slot!!
>    Anyways just another two technical details to check for when you are
> selecting a sound card.
>    warm regards,
>    john, ni1b