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Re: [linrad] audio channels

Hallo Rein,
As I now understand the I and Q channels can be handled by the left and
right channels of the stereo input of one card. I do not see why then a
second card would be required. The D-A convertor of the card is separate
from the A-D convertor although they in general use the same clock.
You only need more cards if you need more than 2 channels.
I am still wondering why Linrad reports about my card that there are 4
channels. I, anyhow, cannot acces more than one on my laptop. But the chips
probably have internally on th MB unused inputs.

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Sent: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 11:34 PM
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>     Hi Arie,
>    It depends on whether you have 1 or 2 mixers. With one mixer you
>    can go with one stereo sound card plus another card for audio output.
>    With a dual antenna, as for polarity systems, you need 4 audio
>    inputs and for a number of other good reasons, you might as well
>    go DELTA 44 sound board with 4 inputs plus another card for audio
>    output also stereo.
>    You could however use 2 regular stereo cards for the front end and
>    an additional stereo card for audio output. The max sample freq of
> the
>    audio card and ADC resolution effect the max freq band you can
>    monitor and dynamic range etc.
>    I believe either Leif or Roger had that at one time and Linrad is
>    able to work with these 3 cards.
>    You like, probably, the front end cards to sample at a much higher
>    rate then the audio output card.
>    I believe the DELTA44 card is still up to this point the best
>    solution -for the cost/performance ratio.
>    You will have to work through Leif's and Roger's pages to
>    see the relations between bandwidth and performance of the receiver.
>    There are 2 QEX ( ARRL ) papers and they are on the net. The papers
>    cover in great detail the different combinations. ( Not quite sure
>    whether it needs ARRL membership access ot not ) If you can't
>    get it, there are ways.
>    This is at least, the way I understand it.
>    Regards
>    Rein
> Arie Dogterom wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> > My question probably has been answered in some of the texts, but I a
> > unsure :
> >
> > Having the mixers with the I an Q outputs, where shall those go : Does
> > need two soundcards or is it possible to use the left and right channels
> > a stereo card?
> > 73
> > Arie