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[linrad] my first Linux installation.

Hi all,

I installed ( for the very first time ) Linux RH 8.0 ( Psyche ).
Good that you didn't watch my heart beat.

In did opt for Desktop Installation with GNOME and KDE ( meanwhile I do even
understand what GNOME and KDE are about ) and much more ( since, naive as
I - still - am, I did install ALL packages... which I should not do
anymore.... ).

Installation seemed to be flawlessly.
I installed as root - me - only.
However, after having completed the installation and after rebooting I get

The first screen after boot up asks for my ISP system name + password.
My ( correct ! ) ISP node code is on the prompting screen.
But, my - appropiate - login name and password are rejected.
The other buttons ( down left under ) " languages " and " system " don't
offer any possibility to go around the sticking ISP connection screen.

I tried in my recklessness  - in the option " microcode  I " during boot up
in which one can in- and exclude all services  -   to exclude the ISP
connection service, but this don't work ( well, I mean it is me who can't
work  .. :-), at least at this very first  moment, but, with your help,
wait and see...

Disconnecting my Linux computer from the cable modem doesn't help.
The first screen after boot asks for login and password at  "
domain.localdomain " or some rubbish like that.

Should I reinstall and exclude the ISP connection ?
This  would be a pity ...

Oh yes, I did pay my ISP fee in due time.
And I checked my login and password with the ISP under Windows 2000 and all
is OK.

Any RH8 addict who can help me ?

73, Peter PE1ECM