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[linrad] RF Quiet Motherboards for Linux & RF Applications

I am having a difficult time locating a replacement motherboard for my
desktop that is Linux friendly, rf-quiet, and has the desired features.
I am trying to refine what I need (and to discover if it exists).

David Garnier on the linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx list has provided an
excellent start along my search by recommending the Intel 845GBV -- it
is reportedly very rf-quiet but consolidates too much on the motherboard
-- creating potential Linux conflicts and eliminating (or making more
complex) the ability to change/upgrade peripherals (sound, video,
network, etc.).  It is also a bit older technology.

Anyone know if the Intel 845GBV permits the conflict-free bypassing of
the embedded peripherals?

I'd like a Pentium-4 motherboard without sound, video, or network cards
embedded that is rf-quiet (at least FCC Class-B) is what I seek.  DDR
memory slots (supporting at least two 512M PC-2100 2.5v so-dimms), IEEE
1394 Firewire, 4 or more usb, ps/2, serial, parallel, vga out, etc.

If sound is embedded it must have stereo line in and out , and mic in
(for LinRadio and FlexRadio).

Any suggestions, please?

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e