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Re: [linrad] Buying the Linux PC for Linrad use.

I think the on board off board discussions is interesting.  My experience
seems to be that intel server boards, and I don't know where the
845(?) falls into this, is onboard compoments with discrete parts seems to
work will, but those which depend on general parts have problems.

So the video and sound have always been OK for me, as long as they don't
take away system memory for graphics and so on.  Boards which steal memory
from the system have always caused me problems.  I also was not
pusing video much, they were used as server, not running X or SVGA.

I have never had problem with onboard networking, but I have the most
exposure to intel server boards.

A nForce2 MB would probably not be a good choice for linux, there is
still too many parts which lack support.

If the parts are well supported by linux, for your use, I don't think it
will matter where they are located.  Sounds cards defintally seem to need
the most help in this area.

						Later, JOSH

On 4 Jul 2003, Colburn wrote:

> Can anyone recommend an equally rf-quiet mobo made by someone other than
> Intel, please? I have had nothing but bad experiences with on-board
> sound, video, and nics.
> Off-mobo eases upgrades and when the video/sound/network card fails one
> doesn't have to hope the on-board circuits can be totally bypassed --
> else live with artifacts.