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Re: [linrad] RE: noise blanking/weak signal comparisons

Hi Roger (W3SZ). I hasten to correct any impression that I was 
reporting conclusions from listening to your files. My remarks were 
merely first impressions of listening to what you designated as weak 
CW and SSB.  What I heard was quite contrary to what I expected.

My whole rationale for looking into Linrad is the belief that it has 
something special to offer for weak signal HF CW and I fully believe 
that is will prove to be the case. Your statements re-enforce that 

I have indeed made comparative recordings with my own conventional CW 
set-up using HF beacons to illustrate the pros and cons of DSP noise 
reduction and filter bandwidths.

Has anyone on the list made comparative recordings of beacons or 
other relatively stable weak signal sources using LinRad and 
conventional radios -the K2 for example?