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Re: [linrad] SuSe 8.2, alsa, delta 44

Hi Werner,

I am using Suse 8.0 with alsa 0.9.0 and a  SBPC126 card for input and a 
ESS-Allegro on-board card for output .
My linrad versions are  lir01-03 and lir0056.
I never managed to get OSS and ALSA running together: I had to stop either OSS 
or ALSA. 
I don't have experience with the delta44 under alsa but I remember that Kohjin 
Yamada ( jr1ede@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) had similar problems with setting the right 
clock speed for his delta44 under alsa . 
Hope this will help you.

Best 73 from Pierre/ON5GN

On Monday 14 July 2003 09:02, wh wrote:
> Hi all,
> First of all a big thanks to Leif for this marvelous program. I enjoy it
> now since half a year mostly for VHF beacon monitoring, and its screen is
> by far more thrilling than the evenings German TV programs ;-)
> Recently I became the proud owner of  a delta 44 and wanted to install it
> together with the up to now used on-board  sound card.
> After ?U? setup command I can select the following:
> /dev/dsp   48000Hz 4 Chan 16 bit
> /dev/dsp0 48000Hz 4 Chan 16 bit
> /dev/dsp1 48000Hz 4 Chan 16 bit
> Where dsp0 is the delta 44 and dsp1 the on-board (trident chip). Even so
> the master clock for the delta 44 is set to 96000 in the envy24 control
> utility Linrad shows above speed. After selecting the radio interface in my
> case (1) I get the following:
> INTERNAL ERROR: 1073 (errno=22)
> Routine:set_analog_io file:setad.c
> Call to ioctl failed. (SNDCTL_DSP_SPEED)
> Well I tried several configurations for the card, recompiled LINRAD tried
> several versions of it but as an unskilled Linux user I came to the end of
> my capabilities. I tried to install OSS with the newest version available
> and also tried older versions of it without success. Can OSS be installed
> on top of ALSA or has ALSA to be removed or just switched of ?
> My system:
> Pentium III 866MHZ
> SuSe 8.2, Alsa package , kernel 2.4
> Linrad 00-56 and 01-01
> What else can I try, has anybody some further hints??
> Many thanks in advance for your help.
> Vy 73s de
> Werner, DL2JA
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