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Re: [linrad] Laptop

Hello the net:

I am agonizing over a similar issue.

Agonizing because I do not want to throw away money and I do not want to 
that I have taken the steepest learning curve.

I see merit to the external soundblaster EXTIGY box on the USB V2
        24 bit sampling
        possibly better EMi/RFI immunity/susceptibility with the 
external box

Use the external multichannel A/d for inputs and the motherboard 
soundcard for outputs (2CH), d/a.

Stan, WA1ECF
slowly getting started with LINRAD and LINUX, redhatV8

Leif Asbrink wrote:

>Hi All,
>I would like to have a laptop on which I could run Linrad.
>When I ask the salesmen at the different companies selling these
>things, none of them has any idea at all whether there
>are drive routines available for Linux:(
>Is there anyone on the list who knows of a laptop that can
>sample at least 2 channels 16 bit at 48 kHz while running
>full duplex and which is supported by OSS or ALSA and that 
>also works with svgalib. The processor should be a PentiumIV 
>1GHz or better. AMD Athlon or something else of similar speed 
>would be fine.
>Leif / SM5BSZ