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RE: [linrad] Laptop


The most serious issue you will face is finding a
laptop with a line in or stereo input.  Be very
careful.  Most have a monoaural mike input and no
real line in at all.  Almost all of the people I
know that are doing I/Q work with the SDR-1000
are using USB sound cards.  Of course SB makes
two of them, SB MP3+ which is inexpensive and
SB Extigy which is more expensive.

The SB Extigy is supported with ALSA which I think
you dislike but there it is.  For those with
SB Extigy, really the ONLY way to get 24 bits out
of it is to use the ALSA driver and linux. The
Windoze drivers do not give real 24 bit support
in directX though you are getting a higher quality
(more linear) 16 bits.

FYI, my current favorite 16 bit sound card is
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz on the inexpensive side
with good ALSA support.  ALSA does provide OSS
compatibility modules now. This seems to work
well here on those linux programs that insist
on talking to OSS.


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Hi All,

I would like to have a laptop on which I could run Linrad.
When I ask the salesmen at the different companies selling these
things, none of them has any idea at all whether there
are drive routines available for Linux:(

Is there anyone on the list who knows of a laptop that can
sample at least 2 channels 16 bit at 48 kHz while running
full duplex and which is supported by OSS or ALSA and that 
also works with svgalib. The processor should be a PentiumIV 
1GHz or better. AMD Athlon or something else of similar speed 
would be fine.


Leif / SM5BSZ