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RE: [linrad] RE:New Linrad e-mail list user

Hello Ramiro,

> Is it posible to have two Linrad versions installed at the same time to be
> able to compare them easily and quickly?

YES. Linrad is for radio amateurs, not for computer specialists.

The philosophy is very simple:

1) Everything (that could change) is contained in a single directory.
Make as many directories as you wish and place different versions
of Linrad in them (and go ahead and do whatever changes you like in the code)
The directories will stay independent so nothing you do in one of them
will damage any other.

2) Large data files may be placed anywhere. My QRSS test file for
example is 1.2 Gigabytes and I do not want multiple copies of it;)
That is why you need files to tell where the datafiles are.
adwav for where you have .wav files and adfile for your files
in Linrad's own format.

3) The EME data base has a fixed location. 

I have found a bug in 01-xx, these versions do not work properly
if you deselect the second fft you must enable the AFC to avoid
errors. This bug is corrected for 01-04.