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RE: [linrad] How many sound cards for Linrad?

Hi Jim and All,

> I don't know where I read this now, but I am under the impression that
> 2 sound cards either can be used or must be used with Linrad.
No, but...

> I will be using a Delta 44 sound card for full bandwidth reception.
> I am thinking the Delta 44 should be able to run full duplex to
When you use the Delta44 for 96 kHz input, the output will
also be 96kHz. Linrad does not contain any efficient routine for
increasing the sampling speed so setting the output to 96kHz will
require a lot of processing. My Pentium III at 650 MHz is not quite 
fast enough for that, but a 2 GHz PIV could probably do it.

> produce audio? Obviously if only one sound card is needed,
> that will simply the implementation of Linux greatly.
Unless you go for 96kHz, one soundcard is enough.