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RE: It works now on the 486!

Hello Ramiro,

> I think I should not do it but I have reinstalled Linux Mandrake 6.1 on
> the 486 and now Linrad works without stoping the sound (Although it only 
> works with /dev/dsp as before, /dev/dsp1 does not work). I do not know
> what changes has been made. Sound module parameters are the same....who
> knows?.... :-)
> Now I have working the following Linrad versions:
> 33
> 35
> 56
> 0103
> I am ready for any performance tests you want.
I am very interested to know if there is any noticeable
performance difference between the versions. Try to
decrease bandwidth and try inefficient screen operations
(large waterfall or very small averaging numbers together
with small fft sizes) until you reach the performance limit
where it does not work any longer. I am very interested to
know if there is a significant difference between versions.

I am also interested to know how far you can get on a 486.
Linrad-01.04 has a qrss mode that might allow very narrow
filters, 0.01 Hz or so on a 486. Does it work or not?

Any observation of unexpected behaviour is interesting.