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Re: [linrad] Almost there but not quite

W6WO wrote:

Installing Linrad in Madrake 9.1 is easy when you have done it more than 
once....hi,hi..the first time is a bit tricky...hi..

Depending on your computer speed, the "make" comands can take long time, 
so be pacient and take some beers... :-)

First, you have to run Linux as "root", if you are on a console window 
you type:

su root

then you enter your root password.

Second, you have to install "nasm" assembler and "svgalib"( in my 
mandrake 3 CDROM distribution nasm was included as .rpm file)

After svgalib install you need to edit a config file called 

Last thing is ./configure, then "make",  ./linrad.

Very important : After installing linrad, run "aumix" and set Line input 
as recording device.

I do not give any details cause you can follow instructions in Leif's 
homepage step by step, they are very well explained and detailed. I have 
done it here in my Mandrake 9.1 with my 1200 MHz athlon and Mandrake 6.1 
in the 486 and works great.

Everything in Linux requires a little effort,but  when it works, the 
system runs very stable. Be prepared for reading a lot of doc files, but 
you will learn many things!! Be carefull with the beers....hi.

Windows Millenium hangs here several times a day, or do strange 

PD:  For compiling programs you need to have "gcc" compiler installed, 
so select it during Linux Mandrake install process. It is also a good 
idea selecting "kernel development" in case you need in the future (not 
for Linrad).

Sorry for the bad english.

> I have Mandrake 9.1 installed and downloaded linrad 01.01   Ran "config" 
> which appeared to go smoothly and then ran "make".  Recvd the message 
> "linrad.map permission denied"  No linrad executable was created.
> Any and all suggestions please.