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RE: [linrad] A simple front end


Buying the R2Pro to use for LInrad is not a good value in my opinion.  
The only thing you are going to use is the LNA.
To pay $52 for the DownConverter to get a couple of TUF3's is ??

YOu won't use the remainder of the downconverter, the analog processor, the filters,
or the audio amp.

The original post to which I responded indicated the R2Pro was being used for the
Linrad Receiver.  It did not say 'I am using the LNA from the R2Pro and nothing
else'.  But that is what using the R2Pro entails, as far as I have been able to

If you do use the LNA, don't say you are using the R2Pro as your receiver when all
you are using is the LNA.  That's like taking the gearshift knob out of a Ferrari,
putting it in your old Maverick, and saying you have an Italian Sports car.  Well,
maybe a slightly exaggerated analogy ;)
Using the LNA with a single band homebrew receiver is not a bad idea, its in concert
with what I noted about using a preamplifier [I didn't specify what preamp].  But its
not using the R2Pro as the receiver.

Have a great day,



----- Original Message Follows -----
> Hello again Roger
> I note that the R2Pro site prices the modules individually.
> LNA  (specify band)    $12
> Down converter        $52
> Analog processor        $38
> 1 kHz filter        $15
> 3 kHz filter        $14
> Audio amp        $16
> All together for $115- pretty good value it seems to me
> Boards only $25

Roger Rehr