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Re: [linrad] RX2500

Hi, All !
> > I am building the power supplies needed in hopes of having an
> > RX2500 for myself.
> > Is there any danger of component damage if one of the supplies
> > fails in some way? Either one or both could go to some combination
> > of 0 volts or +24 volts, so I want to make the power supply failsafe, but
> > only if need be.
You can use fuse and zener diode to protect your equipment.
Connect the fuse in series with your power supply and
zener diode in parallel with the power supply after the fuse. Use 
zener diode with a bit higher voltage then your power supply.
Zener diode will start to conduct if you apply reverse polarity or
overvoltage and fuse will blow out and all will be OK :).

All the best !