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RE: [linrad] Fw: Linrad-01.03


> > I finally have linrad up and going, I think. At least I can hear beacon
> here
> > on 6 meters. I am feeding the audio out from linrad to the audio card
> input
> > on a second computer sound card, which feeds WSJT mode FSK441. 
> I note that
> I
> > get a narrow band signal at about 500 hz. How can I widen the output to
> > cover about 2400 hz centered on 1550 hz ?

Very quic, I am leaving for the RS03 meeting early tomorrow and it is 2 AM now;)

The output bandwidth is set by "first mixer resampling ratio".
You can nevewr get more than 25% of the input bandwidth to the loudspeaker.
If you want 3kHz out, you have to sample at 12kHz I/Q or 24 kHz real.

> > I am using SUSE 8.0 and OSS with Delta 44 sound card. It has been a real
> > struggle to get Linrad to work. I gave up on Redhat 7.1 and switched to
> > 8.0.

That is why I am so late..........

I spent a lot of time to make a modern computer work, with RedHat 7.3, then
Mandrake 8.1. Has always been fine on my PIII. 

As it turned out, everything is fine with Redhat 8.x. Seems to be a 
kernel compatibility issue with the OSS Delta44 driver.


Leif / SM5BSZ