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[linrad] RE: Yet another linrad beginner ... with problems

Hi Brian,

> The problem comes with setting up the input and output. From previous
> postings, I thought it would be good to use the AWE32 for the 
> input and the
> 1370 for the output. The 1370 card is automatically using /dev/dsp and is
> working with the standard sound programs.(eg will play music to a 
> speaker).
> I assume the AWE32 is /dev/dsp1 but I am not sure how to check its full
> function. If I put the input on /dev/dsp1 I am only offered RDWR 
> and then on
> testing it reports an arror and suggest RDONLY should be tried. 
> On the other
> hand if I put the input on /dev/dsp, I am asked to choose between 
> RDONLY and
> RDWR and I can take RDONLY and linrad accepts it. Then for the output on
> /dev/dsp1, I am only given RDWR but that again errors.

1) Verify that soundconf detects both soundcards.

2) Check that you do not get an error message when running soundon.
(Typical error: you have to purchase a license for this particular card)

It seems to me that you have the drive routines running for one of
the cards only.


Leif  /  SM5BSZ