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RE: [linrad] Fw: Linrad-01.03

Hi Dick,

> I am now using Delta 44 for input and SB Live for output. I have tried
> various output sampling rates from 8000 to 11025 and tried dragging the
> (upside down U's) and the best bandwidth I can get on the output audio is
> 900 to 1000 hz. I am trying to get 1700 to 2000 hz. Thanks very 
> much for the information you have sent me.

There should not be a limitation like this.

1) What is your input sampling speed?

2) What is your "First mixer bandwidth reduction in powers of two" ?

3) How much memory does your setup need ? The first xxx.x Mbytes value
immediately after starting (in the waterfall window)

It is enough with 5 kHz output sampling speed to allow a
bandwidth of 2.5 kHz.


Leif / SM5BSZ