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Re: [linrad] QEX Sept/Oct 2003 & AOR's Newest Offering

   Hi Colburn,

   Yes, indeed the Sept/Oct issue, part of a series of 4 articles in QEX addresses
   Linrad for use on a so-called standard transceiver on HF ( mainly 7 MHZ )
   Linrad is a version of a family of programs where audio from a receiver
   ( generic ) is processed for particular applications, such as high
   selectivity, weak signal detection in in the case of Linrad effective noise
   blanking. Emphasis in Linrad is 2 m EME but certainly not limited to it.
   Other programs in this "family" are DSPblaster, Spectrascan and its many sisters 
   and to a certain extent AF9Y's program, And there are many others. 
   In short a soundcard is being used as digitizing element for the audio signal
   and the rest of the processing occurs in the computer. Output is to a computer 
   screen and audio channel(s)
   It is at this point for receiving only, and I suggest to view the articles in
   question and/or the SM5BSZ as well as W3SZ WEB pages. 
   URL's and much other info regarding Linrad is on the URL I gave earlier.

   There are links there to a ton of info on good design of receivers, low 
   phase noise LO's, intermod, intercept, etc etc The linrad articles list
   many references on modern receiver design

   Linrad up to this point is a framework of  detection/processing routines and
   a program for let's call it "self starters" and as the article states, experimenters 
   First and foremost it is running on Linux.
   I myself, have been looking to Linrad for years and never got to 
   install Linux!!. Stupid perhaps but that is what happened,
   Always reasons not to do it. 
   Well what ever the reasons were 3 or 4 years ago, most of them have gone. 
   installing Line is as easy as installing a microsoft program. But I am sure 
   it is still holding back potential users.
   I also believe and know there are people who installed it and are not using it

   I am certain there are many others on the board here who can tell you
   and help you with getting Linda to run in one form or another. As I try to
   tell it is not like being a program or a box. It requires some reading and 

   The reason for my email earlier, addressed to Bob, who I thought, was trying
   to locate decoder routines in the Linda source code ( public BTW ).
   They are not there as far as I know. 


    Rein Smit


Colburn wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 12:47, Rein A. Smit wrote:
> >    Hi Bob and Colbern,
> >
> >    Though I never had a long and deep look in Leif's software source code
> >    package, I do not believe that any of those functions is implemented yet.
> >    I am not even sure they are planned in the future.
> >    73 Rein W6/PA0ZN
> I may be mistaken, since I have yet to lay hands on a copy, but I have
> been led to believe that the Sept/Oct QEX contains an article that makes
> reference to the use of Linrad on a standard Ham transceiver and that
> the experiment included the exchange of digitized audio material.
> I am ready to be disappointed and shown to be wrong ... and then to be
> encouraged that such is indeed in the works.
> It seems to me that there would be a significant audience in Amateur
> Radio for a pc-based software-soundcard solution tfor the transmission
> and reception of digitized audio that required nothing but the addition
> of the mic and speaker connections from an existing rig.
> Have I confused multiple products and protocols or is that in fact part
> of what the just released QEX article discusses?
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