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RE: [linrad] Linrad-01.06 crash/Mod for IC-275H

Hello Werner,

> Mode A weak sig CW and mode G crash after a few seconds when a strong
> signal is selected. All other modes work fine and stable for days, fft2 is
> enabeled in all modes. Config here suse 8.2, OSS, Delta 44 with onboard
> sound card. 
Please verify that the error is still present. (It could disappear
if you move a window or change anything, so make no changes)

If you can still provoke a crasch, please send all the parameter files to me.

make a new directory:
md dl2japarms (for example)

Then copy all parameters:
cp par* dl2japarms
cp dsp* dl2japarms

Make a tar archive:
tar cf errpar dl2japarms

finally compress the archive:
bzip2 errpar.tar

and send the errpar.tar.bz2 file to me.


Leif / SM5BSZ