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[linrad] Quest for beta testers

Please pardon my intrusion with this OT request, but I know that
the majority, if not all, the readers of this group have some hardware 
of generating quadrature components, I and Q, as output from a mixer
or a downconverter.

I have just produced a first beta of a new program, SDRadio, meant for
quadrature demodulation of AM and SSB signals, fed to the line input of a
sound card. The setup you use for Linrad, if not used with four inputs, 
nicely do for my program.

SDRadio is by no means a competitor of Linrad. Firstly, it runs under 
(98 or XP) and not Linux, then it is not meant for EME work, but just 
for HF listening.

If you want to test it, please go to   http://www.sdradio.org  and get it.
To not clutter this group with SDRadio related messages, please send to 
my address
any correspondence, or better, use the discussion group reported in that 
Web page.

Thanks for your cooperation

73  Alberto  I2PHD