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Re: [linrad] Ref More help required

As insurance against this problem, use Josh's "Live CD" on the computer you propose to purchase.  If linrad runs OK, feel comfortable putting your cash down on the barrel head!  If you can't burn your own CD-ROM, I would be happy to do that for you.

As an alternative, make sure the soundcard and video system are compatible with ALSA or svgalib as appropriate and you should be good to go.

W6WO wrote:

> Briefly my tale of woe is this.
> I have a Dell  Inspiron Laptop 8000 with Mandrake 9.1 installed and 
> working fine.
> The linrad install went well but the program does not produce a display.
> After investigation I have concluded that svgalib is not compatible with 
> the video chip and folks who are involved with svgalib development offer 
> no hope that this problem will be solved.
> Unless I hear from this group to the contrary it seems that if I want 
> linrad (and I very much do) that I will have to buy a whole new 
> computer, sound card(s) monitor and all. I would prefer a laptop but 
> could go desktop and the machine would be dedicated to running linrad.
> My question is what are the preferred combination of products or 
> specifications that would ensure that I don't run into the same kind of 
> incompatibility again.
> For the moment let's assume an ideal and that the cost is not an issue 
> (at least I can start from there HI )
> Obviously if anyone has solved this problem I would appreciate hearing 
> from them soon.