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Re: [linrad] Real Linux Users

> My question was and is : What is wrong with the Mandrake distribution?
> I have noticed a certain underlying resistance towards Mandrake. 
> 73 Rein W6/PA0ZN

In addition to the aforementioned GPL and stability issues, financial 
uncertainty and foreign relationships have been two points of concern 
for some.

Rumors persist in the Linux world that Mandrake is at risk of failure as 
a company.  I have no way to validate the accuracy of those concerns but 
given the number of failures over the past couple of years it gives some 
  a moment of pause ... Progeny and Stormix come to mind just now.

For some the base of operations for Mandrake in France also gives pause. 
  The French government is given to wild swings in policy, can be highly 
invasive in both domestic and foreign endeavors, and now with the 
looming patent fiasco in the EU community one cannot predict what might 
come of companies lacking a solid financial cushion if hit with huge 
royalty charges.

My view is that about any Linux distro that handles your 
Linrad-necessary hardware will be fine, regardless of national origin, 
or other non-technical element.

73, doc kd4e