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RE: [linrad] Real Linux Users

Of course RedHat is essentially deserting us for dollars.
They have had such great success with their cost cutting
and their "Enterprise" solutions that you have seen the
last free RedHat distribution that supported the user with
a paid subscription for Up2date.  They kicked it out of the
door and called it the Fedora Project (as in the Red Hat
Fedora).  The minimum buy in to get up2date for a new release
of RedHat is $150 in the U.S.  Fedora continues to be free,
but there is no up2date and you can't buy it if you wanted to.

RedHat 9.1 is the last "free RedHat".  Fedora, the bastard
child, 0.95 called Severn is now available.

Where is that Debian link?  ;-).


$150 is almost as expensive as Windows XP Pro on Ebay.


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>>BTW is Mandrake German Or French?
>   I don't know.

Made in France/EU.  SuSE made in Germany/EU.

RedHat is USA.

There are many distros and sub-distros that are supported by folks based 
in a variety of nations. For most users distro functionality trumps 
distro-nationality, if economic and political factors are neutral.

73, doc kd4e