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Re: [linrad] flavors and colors of Linux. Is RedHat strange or charming?

SCO has a very weak case.  Currently they refuse to say
exactly what was copied.  But as soon as they do point to
it their case will become moot in a matter of hours when the
"copied" code gets re-written.  So they dare not say
what it is.  Yes it's stupid but their plan is not to win
a court case but only to stir up some doubts and
gain attention.

--- Joe Fitzgerald <jfitzgerald@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> w3sz@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > Hello, All!
> > 
> > incorporating SCO-copyrighted code into it.  They have sited
> specific examples from
> > the 2.4 and 2.5 kernels.  
> I have been following this pretty closely ... has SCO cited any code
> that was actually stolen?  This is the biggest irritation about this
> case ... they don't tell us what code was stolen (unless I have
> missed something).
> To my knowledge, they have only publicly pointed to code that is the
> same in their Unix and Linux ... no surprise since this code was
> previously available, and incorporated legally into both products.
> See http://www.catb.org/~esr/writings/smoking-fizzle.html
> -Joe KM1P

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