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[linrad] RE: parameter files (and linrad-01.08)

Hello Brian,

> Does anyone have ideas of what might be wrong? The console screen 
> is perfectly 
> ok in all other respects, just this problem with svgalib and linrad. 
Maybe your cpu is overloaded? Linrad allows you to do silly things
that could be too time consuming.

Look at the time percentage in the lower left corner.

Can you move the mouse gently over the screen ?
If not, is it just slow or does it move at random?
You may press "F" to get some trace information that will tell
where Linrad spends it's time.
You may also press "T" to get some timing information.

If you did not make the mouse speed reduction factor large
enough, the mouse may move to every second pixel only - and
then you may fail to put it on the border line.

> X-windows and KDE are fine. 
This does not mean anything for Linrad.

> I use an Sis6326 vga card and normal PS2 mouse. I 
> have edited the /etc/vga/libvga.config to mouse type PS2 and linrad 
> configuration comes up with mouse type 5.  Any ideas?
This indicates that the problem should be solved on basis of the 
information above. If you do not find the problem, press "G" to
make a gif file. First press "F" and "T", wait at least
30 seconds, then press "G". Send the .gif file directly to me.

The windows come on top of each other because of an error that I
introduced when adding the baseband waterfall graph. I have
uploaded Linrad-01.08 today, this error is one of the things
that is corrected. This does not mean that graphs will never
overlay each other in 01.08, but it should happen less frequently
and never when Linrad is started fresh (without any parameter files)


Leif  /  SM5BSZ