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Re: [linrad] flavors and colors of Linux. Is RedHat strange or charming?

On Thursday 13 November 2003 21:46, Robert McGwier wrote:
> I think Roger is talking about my note.  I have and will
> continue to complain about Red Hat's decision.  Before


IMHO the bottom line is that GNU/Linux is not very amenable to 
corporate goals which place quick profitability and hoarding of 
wealth for a few over longer term goals of providing reliable and 
effecient services. The stuation with other commercial distros will 
be the same as RH sooner rather than later. It would be wise to 
switch over to Debian or it's derivatives and pay the local computer 
technician to support your installation. This is what seems to be 
working here in India.

As for SCO it is more a battle over legal fine print and 
interpretation of the law wherein IBM said that they would not 
disclose any derivate works to any body including SCO. So if SCO is 
to prove that IBM did violate their agreement, as SCO accuses, IBM 
must provide proof of innoccence and until such time according to SCO 
they are guilty and therfore the rest of the GNU/Linux community too, 
since they are using code donated by IBM. And by this (twisted) logic 
(guilty until proven innocent), which IBM agreed to abide by, all 
those using GNU/Linux are abbetting the guilty and should be stopped.

Is GNU/Linux tainted? it would depend on what constitutes derived 
works. IMHO SCO has a >0 chance of winning something.

Irrespective of the outcome I hate SCO for the utter lies that they 
have spread wherein they imply that libre software developers were 
willful accomplices in looting their property. 

Moral of the story fight patents and copyrights which IMHO have 
totally outlived their ability to provide any sane legal framework 
for a modern world.