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Re: [linrad] bzip2

 Hi Stan,

Try to search for the bzip2 program. The is probably some linux type 
file manager
program in the distribution. Then make sure the that you run bzip2 and 
that the program is seeing the linrad file. My experience is that with 
these distributions
program/files etc. are not in the right place or in places different 
from other
linux versions. I do not understand why there is not more normalization 
those lines.

Hope it is of some help!

73 Rein

Stanka1ze@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Hello Rein,
> When I changed the suffix to .bz the following error appeared;
> "The utility bzip is not in your PATH."
> Possibly the package containing bzip2 is not installed?
> Thanks, Stan, KA1ZE
> stanka1ze@xxxxxxx