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Re: [linrad] parameters and linrad-01.08

Excellent, Brian!

If by 'difficult to control' you mean there is a lot of lag when you move the mouse
and the cursor kind of 'floats' around slowly as you move it, then it is a CPU
overhead issue and you need more processing power for the parameters you have chosen.
 The alternatives are to get a faster CPU or change the parameters to be less CPU

If by 'difficult to control' you mean that it is hard to find the edge of the
windows, then you need to increase the mouse speed reduction factor.

Leif had mentioned these before [11/13 email] but I repeat them here.

Good Luck and Have Fun!


Roger Rehr

----- Original Message Follows -----
> Thanks for the replies. I have downloaded linrad-01.08 and the windows do not 
> overlap. I started mode A and accepted all of the default settings. The mouse 
> is still a bit difficult to control but definitely possible to use and for 
> example I can click on the waterfall and get a response in the spectrum 
> display.
> I will have a look in more detail at settings and how to run the program. 
> Unfortunately time is limited.
> Thanks for the help. 73 Brian.

Roger Rehr