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[linrad] RE: Version Information

Hi Henry and all,

The Linrad "chronological" page is at:

From 01-01 to 01-08 the most significant additions are:

1) AGC (Good if you want to use Linrad for strong signals, 
   particularly SSB)
2) Baseband waterfall graph, a second waterfall graph at 
   the baseband resolution. (Good for QRSS)
3) A Tx test mode is added. (Linrad and the WSE converters
   constitute a spectrum analyzer on which one can see any
   deficiency of a transmitter. Far better range and accuracy
   than what ARRL lab uses uses for example.
   Some data is here: 
   and here:
4) The calibration routines are improved and calibration should
   be easier.

There are (of course) several bug corrections (and perhaps a few
new bugs....). There are also some compatibility issues that
are uninteresting if you have 01-01 running. 


Leif / SM5BSZ

> Can anyone tell me what the changes are in the latest version of 
> linrad (01-08) as opposed to what I now have (01-01)? 
> Or better yet, is this documented on the Web? I can't find a link 
> to this type of information. 
> Thanks, 
> Henry Sonntag N2HBM