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RE: [linrad] Linrad 01.08 (01.03) Soundcard Test Mode

Hi Gerhard,
> Trying to track the problems I've chosen the "Sound card Test Mode" but
> I can't see a "beam" when I select "1: Raw input channel 1
> (oscilloscope)".
> But signals fed into the sound card can be seen on the "main spectrum
> display".
You have detected a bug.

Maybe I introduced it with the major structural changes going from 00.xx to
01.xx. I will have a look, I will ask you for more details if I can not 
easily reproduce this error. In the meantime you could try another fft1 mode
and perhaps set the input to 16 bit (or 32 if you tried 16 already) I do not
know what the problem could be, but the code is rather complicated because
there are so many different cases.


Leif / SM5BSZ