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[linrad] RE: Missing par_userint

Hi Stan,

> I am back trying again. I have got the following installed 
> per the Linrad Home Page;
> 1.Linux installed
> 2.svgalib-1.4.3 installed
> 3.nasm installed
> 4.Linrad-01-08 & Linrad-01-09 installed
> Both the Linrad 08 & 09 when starting program, ./linrad 
> have the same problem;
> c0d1c
> using Vesa driver, 1310721kb. VBE3
> svgalib 1.4.3
> setup file par_userint missing
> Use W to create a new par_userint file after setup.
> Press S for setup routines
> any other key to exit
> Then press enter
> When pressing       S enter The program sends me back to the 
> terminal repeating the directory location many times awaiting 
> another prompt.

Seems that svgalib does not work. The S, enter sequence sends
you into the code of setvga.c, the routine set_vgamode. This
routine in turn calls the svgalib package to find out which
modes (screen sizes) your hardware is likely to support.
The crasch is most probably generated from svgalib. Maybe you
can switch to terminal mode if you are under X or vice versa (not
very likely to solve the problem, but easy to try).

Try the vgatest program (vgatest.c) that comes along with 
the svgalib package. If that program crashes also, the reason
is obvious. In case the vgatest program runs ok, it should be 
possible to find out why the same (nearly) code does not work in
Linrad. Please inform me if the vgatest.c program runs ok.