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Re: [linrad] SDR Hardware


congratulations. I visited you site and I can see a
very high quality of hamradio equipment. I will be
waiting for the circuid diagrams.

I am sure I will discover some other interesting




--- Oleg Skydan <skidan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi, Gian and All !
> > It would be interesting to see if there could be a
> > worstening or improvement adding a first classic
> > analog conversion to the SDR1000, with IF around
> 9MHz,
> > using the H-Mode Mixer (G3SBI or I7SWX config IP3
> =<
> > +40dBm). In this case a 9MHz xtal filter,3kHz or
> less
> > bw) would be the roofing filter,
> The two channnel conversion will be superfluous. The
> single channel
> will do all the job fine (like in 756PRO, Orion and
> others).
> My DSP transceiver uses such technique and it works
> fine. 
> You can see more info at
> (http://users.ints.net/skidan/T03DSP/),
> I will update it soon with the schematics and other
> info.
> All the best !
> Oleg

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