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[linrad] Soundcards

Hello, All!

The soundcard pages that were suggested are very interesting.  Thanks
for the tip!

Although it is currently expensive (about 1000 USD), the LynxTWO can
sample at up to 192 KHz!  With I/Q detection this would seem to give an
extraordinary bandwidth.  

I'd be interested to hear comments on what others think about using this
card in I/Q mode with a Linrad waterfall bandwidth of over 100 KHz.  Or,
not using quad detection, and getting 90 KHz or so bandwidth.  Or just
using it with 192 KHz sampling and quad mixing, and 90 KHz bandwidth,
and REALLY not having to worry about aliasing ;)  

Also interested in comments about the card in general...I agree with
Kohjin that it seems like the card to beat.

http://www.pcavtech.com/soundcards/LynxTWO/index.htm test of the LynxTWO

http://www.pcavtech.com/soundcards/delta-66/index.htm test of the

I wonder how Leif thinks it might work with the new WSE hardware?  And
in what mode he would suggest running it with the WSE hardware?  E.g.
192 KHz sampling rate to really avoid aliasing? Or less?

Although OSS doesn't have LynxTWO drivers yet, they told me that they
are going to be working on the drivers for the LynxTWO in Oct/Nov.


Roger Rehr
W3SZ   FN20ah
2 Merrymount Road
Reading, PA  19609-1718