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RE: [linrad] Almost there...

Hi All,
>   After fixing the multi-line string literal problem in main.c,
>   I now get a make error at line 818 as follows:
> What I see at line 818 in emacs is:
>   rx_mode=(vga_inkey-'A')^0x80;
> ...except that the single-quoted capital 'A' is really a single-
> quoted capital 'A' with an accent mark above it.  How should this
> line really look?  BTW - Linrad v.47 main.c comes up the same way.
This line has been like this from the very beginning. I do not
know how it happened, but the accent must have been invisible on
my system at that time.

The correct line is:


Obviously I had to add the XOR to get the result I wanted.
(I am not a programmer - I just use/misuse the computer)

The same error is present also in modesub.c

Seems it is time I upload 00-49......


Leif  /  SM5BSZ