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RE: [linrad] ADC Arms race

Hi All,

Joe, KM1P wrote: 

> I just got this note from Analog Devices.  Wow! 
> AD10677:  NEW 16-BIT 65MSPS ADC
> A high-performance 16-bit ADC module with sampling rates to 65MSPS.
> Exceptional performance achieved through digital post-processing ADC
> outputs. Available in a 2.2" X 2.8" surface mount configuration and
> specified from 0 to 70 degrees C.  Future 80/105MSPS versions.

I hope someone will interface this chip to a few series connected DDC
chips and find a good way of getting the digital data into the PC
computer under Linux ( and Windows as well)

A single DDC will not give adequate spur suppression over a wide enough
bandwidth so some fpga or several DDCs will be needed to build an
adequate filter.

The 14-bit ADC from Analog devices gives approximately the same
noise floor as Linrad with WSE RX2500 within the visible passband. 
With two more bits one could hope for 12dB lower noise floor
which is about the same as one would get with a CS5396 and RX2500
(after a small gain reduction). The RX2500 will allow another 15dB
outside the visible passband but I think such a huge dynamic range will
not be useful very often. 

I am awaiting real life performance reports with great interest:-)


Leif  /  SM5BSZ 


Leif / SM5BSZ