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Re: [linrad] Lindows

I know someone who bought one just so he could take a detailed look
at it.  I got a good report from him.  so my information is
second hand but I trust the source.

Bottom line:  It is very low cost hardware.  If you know anything
about Linux you would only want to buy it so you can re-format the
hard drive and install something else.  For US$199 it is a good
deal, not the best PC just the cheapest.  Low-end but functional.

If you don't know anyting about Linux and want a PC that runs
Linux out of the box this _may_ be the way to go.It is completely
up and running with a working modem, just add AC power and a CRT.

To a "Linux person" Lindows has some problems.  The first of
which is that there is only one user "root", and everything runs as
root, finding an xterm takes some effort and nothing is set up in the
"standard" way.  The target market for this computer is your
gandmother not a software engineer.  The Walmart/Lindows machine is
a first cut attempt to prove that Linux can be a better desktop
machine for a non-expert PC user than MS Windows.  It's biggest
advantage is the "click and install" web site where you can
automatically download and install Linux software.  (But if you know
what a *.tar file is you don't need or want this and having to
run as root is so bad you will re-format anyway.)

But if you are reading this we assume you know a bit about Linux
and will simply re-format the disk and pick up a PC for $199.

Next question is, will the low-end Celeron CPU run FFTs fast enough?
The Celeron's Cache is small and the FFT allgorithum runs faster if
the whole thing fits in cache.  

--- wb9uwa@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi All,
> Has anyone looked at the Walmart lindows or Linux computers?
> Are these computers or Lindows well suited to Linrad?
> Lindows is said to be compatable with Windows and Linux.
> See 73, magazine, Jan 2003, The Digital Port.
> You can follow the links at:
> http://kb7no.home.att.net/
> 73, Jim Shaffer, WB9UWA.

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