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[linrad] linrad install help Red Hat 7.2

./linrad: error while loading shared libraries: libvga.so.1: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory.

I am logged on as root all the time. My 3 previous installations using red
hat 7.0 and older versions of linrad and svgalib did not have any of these

I also need some help with configuring my external modem in Linux, this is
not important for now and is merely an exercise in learning a little more
about the Xwindows environment, but if anyone has knowledge of this I would
like to know. Then I can move this it off this group.

Happy New Year

Conrad G0RUZ

PS One of the machines is an Athlon 850 and one is a PIII 450, I am trying
to see what the smallest configuration is that will work with the current
version of Linrad and a Delta 44, mainly for Jim UWA's benefit :-)