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[linrad] Radeon Cards

Please note that this week I have a different email address than usual.  My usual email address won' work, but I can receive emails via the linrad list.

I got Rein's email regarding the Radeon video cards.

I m thinking of getting another card myself.  

Please note that there are of course several (many?) different Radeon cards.  
I myself have a Radeon 32 MB DDR 4x AGP card.  I DO NOT recommend it!!  IT works with the newer 7.2 rhl kernel only in VESA mode.  With the old kernel it worked with the  'improved' R128 driver, but would occasionally lock up when display boxes were adjusted, requiring a reboot each time  Thatwas VERY annoying.
With the card running in VESAmode thescreen gets corrupted everytime I got to X windows and back to Linrad.  That isa pain, but not so much as the previously experienced lockups.
I sound from what Rein and Jeff Pawlan have posted as though the Radeon card they are describing worksbetter. 

I apologize for the lousy typing.  I am working with a chicklet keyboard an a TV for a monitor this week.  What a pain.  But at least I do have some, albeit limited, internet access thru my auxilary email address.

Best Regards to all, and

Roger Rehr